A little time.


I am sure I say to myself, daily... by the minute, that If only I had a little time. And I mean it. I really do, for me, good things do not come in an instant. They come from the pleasure of silent time, reflection. Time when little voices (or big) do not fill the room.

Maybe it is a lack of focus, maybe it is the inability to mentally multitask. Either way, I must advocate for it. The caveat to this is that I must also give the proper and needed time to the other very important things... that will also spill to the drain if not tended to. You know what those are... the daily's. My mom time; It is damn important, oh and the wife time, and the friend time... the pet owner time.... ohhhh and then the cleaning. The cleaning time. Gross.

My response to this thought loup is to work... a little during each time of the day.