I was born and raised in a small town in Oregon. Close to the Sea, among the tall trees and the quiet crick.

I earned my degree in Theatre Arts, studying the palette of human emotion and how it is held within the body.   As I set out to pursue a career as an actor, I quickly found the scope and form of my work was shifting.  Two life altering events were around the bend. My young sister passed...lung cancer.  And then, it seems almost overnight, I was a mother. It is how these things go, isn't it?  Life... from one beautiful, gut-wrenching moment to the next.

I have pursued making photographs for some time now.

 There is a burning in my belly always urging me on, encouraging forward motion, learning, leaning into something new.

The photographs of my children are haunted by the pages of my own history. Recently my family and I uprooted from the city and have taken to the woods of Washington. It is here that I am working to lay the haunt to rest and let my children run. Really run.

My photographs are the tale of being "almost there" ... an endeavor to give ourselves grace as we engage with the wild that surrounds us; that IS us.